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One of our newest additions are Candleberry Candles.  Much like ourselves, Candleberry Company prides itself upon having what we consider the finest candle on the market.  Candleberry puts more fragrance in its candles in order to fill your home with comforting and inviting scents.  As Tampa’s exclusive distributor, we are proud to  offer this candle collection in our store.

Each candle burns clean down the sides of the jar, all the way through to the end of the burn.  Candleberry is so much more than a candle; it is a memory-evoking experience! The scents range from oven and pastry, fruits, fresh and clean, and holiday fragrances. We have over 75 powerful and rich fragrances to choose from. Come in and we will share our personal favorites and help you find a scent you and your family will love!

Large jar candles (26 oz) – $24.99

Small jar candles (10 oz) – $14.50

Due to the weight and/or quantity of candles you would like, please call us for your favorite scent and a shipping quote.  We do not make money on shipping.